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 MarieT. Lacroix

Thank you for visiting  Art by Lacroix. I believe in “One Love One World “ and that Love will save the World.
I am a figurative and expressionist artist who works with children and Charitable Foundations within the community.

I am the youngest girl of fourteen children, born in a small village in Quebec,  influenced  by French culture. I have  always  had a love for Art, nature and people.

I studied fine art in Montreal, Philadelphia and the Ringling College of Art and Design. I express my love for people and nature with vibrant displays of colors on canvas. In 2017, I was contracted by a Montreal Fashion House to launch my wearable art clothing collection.
At the age of twenty-four I lost my one-year old son to leukemia. I was devastated and thought nobody understood my sorrow. His death led to my desire for helping people and getting involved with children and families in my community.

After many years of planting the seeds in my dream garden, this opportunity  came through my artistic talent, creativity and passion for helping others in need.

During the  Covid  pandemic, I reproduced my paintings on fabrics to develop protective masks. A portion of the proceeds were donated to Foundations. I am also involved supporting my community with my Art partnering with different Foundations including Florida Breast Cancer Association, Selah Freedom and More to Life Foundation, as well as partnering in auctions to raise money for Ukraine.
I call Sarasota my home as well as the location of my Art Studio, Studio Lacroix located on Main Street. I participate in numerous Art exhibits. My artworks is sold in United States, Canada and Europe.
Thank you for taking time to read my story. 
With Love, 
"Art is for Forever”
Marie T. Lacroix


   Lacroix Art Studio  

Lacroix Art Studio  

1369 Main Street Sarasota Florida 

941-218-3254 Art By Lacroix LLC

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Sarasota artist Marie Therese Lacroix has designed a line of face masks adorned with her colorful artwork, with sales of two masks benefiting Selah Freedom and the American Lung Association.

Profits from the Lung Association mask will support its $25 million COVID-19 Action Initiative to help find a vaccine and prevent future pandemics. 

Profits from sales of the Selah Freedom mask will support its fight to overcome sex trafficking in the United States.

The washable and reusable masks, sold for $16, are made of a double layer of heat-treated, highly stretchable poly interlock. They are fitted to the face and have a removable nose wire.

The masks, and others, may be purchased on Lacroix’s website, artbylacroix.com.


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